Frequently Asked Questions 
I can't find the frequency of my Tinnitus sound. What should I do?

No need to stress. Identifying the precise frequency of your tinnitus tone can be challenging. Begin by roughly locating a nearby frequency using the slider bar. Fine-tune it with the +/- buttons.

Spend a maximum of 5 minutes on this, and then acknowledge that you’re likely close to the actual frequency.

Start using the app, and recheck the frequency after a day or two. Don’t overcomplicate it: if you’re in the vicinity of your tinnitus tone’s frequency, that’s perfectly fine.

How long will it take to notice a reduction of Tinnitus sounds?

Results from using Acoustic Neuromodulation can vary. Some individuals experience effects within the first few minutes, while for others, it may take several weeks. Unfortunately, some may not notice any reduction in their tinnitus, and the reasons for these differences are unknown. Naturally, we hope that it proves effective for you, and you soon experience a positive impact.

How long should I listen to the therapy tones?

During the initial days, use the therapy tones in short sessions. Begin with five-minute periods on the first day, multiple times if desired. Monitor for any signs of irritation in your hearing. If the therapy tones cause irritation, ensure the volume is at its lowest, barely audible. If the irritation persists, discontinue app usage.

If the initial experiences in short sessions are positive — with no irritation and with acceptable sounds — gradually increase the duration over the following days. After a few days, you can use the app for a few hours each day. We recommend not exceeding 4 to 6 hours daily, but if it feels beneficial, you can use the app for 24 hours. Some users prefer using the app during sleep; you can hear the therapy tones while asleep. Set the timer if you wish to automatically stop the therapy tones after a specified time.

What should be the volume of the therapy tones?

Keep the therapy tones at a volume where they are barely audible. Ensure that you set the volume for each therapy tone so that they are heard at roughly the same level. If you find that a therapy tone is inaudible or requires a significantly higher volume (much higher than the other therapy tones), acknowledge the potential deafness at that frequency. Lower the volume of that tone to match the others, preventing any potential damage.

Can I combine the Tinnitus therapy with music or other audio?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to use the Tonal Tinnitus Therapy app alongside other audio apps like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and more.

For iOS users, ensure you enable the mix mode in the Settings menu.

On Android, begin by launching the Tonal Tinnitus Therapy app and initiating the play mode. Subsequently, you can start the other audio app, and the Tonal Tinnitus Therapy app will continue playing even when the additional audio app is started.

How to use Tonal Tinnitus Therapy with multiple Tinnitus tones?

If you experience multiple tinnitus tones, we suggest starting with the Tonal Tinnitus Therapy app for the most irritating or dominant tone you hear.

After a few days or weeks (depending on your preference), you can enhance your experience by adding a configuration. Simply click on the therapy configuration name at the top of the main screen and select the option to add a configuration. Utilize the second configuration for another therapy tone you hear, allowing you to easily switch between them.

How frequently you switch between configurations is entirely up to you, but we recommend using each configuration daily. In the near future, we plan to introduce a special play mode that automatically switches between the configurations you’ve defined during playback.

How can I ask another question or give feedback?

Feel free to visit our contact page on this website or send an email to We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and welcome any feedback you may have.