Silence the Ringing, Find Your Calm 

Discover the Powerful Features of Tonal Tinnitus Therapy, Unmask the possibilities and personalize your journey to tinnitus relief with our innovative app.

Mix Your Way to Relief

Enhance your experience by blending the therapy tones with soothing nature-based sounds and your preferred masking noise. During playback, you have the flexibility to adjust or disable both the masking sound and noise as you see fit.

Choose from a variety of options such as white noise, pink noise, brown noise, smoothed brown noise, or violet noise.

Fine-Tune the Therapy Tones in special cases

Adjust the frequencies of the therapy tones according to your comfort (Android only, available for iOS in the first half of 2024). While typically not recommended, if a therapy tone causes discomfort or is exceptionally high-pitched, you can attempt to modify its frequency. Limit this adjustment to the therapy tones with the highest frequencies, ensuring that the first two tones are below your tinnitus frequency, and the other two are above it.

Contact us if you need help.

Experience Special Modes

The default mode featuring the Therapy Tones is our recommended Acoustic Neuromodulation mode, backed by scientific investigation.

Responding to user requests and positive feedback, we’ve introduced special modes (available on iOS with version 1.5 and higher). You have the option to combine the four therapy tones with a fifth tone matching your tinnitus frequency or choose a mode that exclusively plays a tone at your tinnitus frequency. While you’re welcome to explore these modes, we suggest exercising caution with the ‘Only My Tinnitus Tone’ mode, advising short initial usage (just a few minutes) and maintaining a low volume.

Gentle Timers for a Seamless Transition

Tailor your experience to your preferences! Schedule a daily reminder notification at your chosen time with the timer feature. Additionally, make use of the automatic play duration, ideal for instances like using the app before bedtime.

Day or Night, Listen in Comfort

Switch between light and dark modes for optimal viewing comfort, day or night